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Daily Devotional by Joyce Meyer (HOW TO BE HAPPY)

Having gifts (faculties, talents, qualities) that differ according to the grace given us, let us use them. 
- Romans 12:6
We are all gifted and graced differently to operate in the gifts God has given us. Today’s verse says we are to use our gifts according to the grace that is upon us.
Two people can be gifted to teach, yet one may be a stronger teacher than the other because he or she has more grace from God for that particular calling. Why? Because the Holy Spirit distributes gifts to whomever He wills (see 1 Corinthians 12:11). He has His reasons for what He does, and we need to trust Him in that. We should be thankful for what He gives us and not become jealous of someone else’s gift. We cannot walk in love with people and envy their gifts at the same time.
My husband could be jealous because God has given me a preaching gift that He did not give him. Dave realized a long time ago that he would not be happy if he tried to operate outside of the grace that has been given to him. If he tried to be who I am, he would lose his joy. Dave is anointed in administration and finances, and his part in our ministry is just as important as mine.
If you want to be really happy, give yourself to what you are called and graced to do. The Holy Spirit will speak to you about what you are to do and help you understand the grace you have been given. Don’t be jealous of others, but walk in love toward them and in faithfulness to the calling and grace on your life.
God’s word for you today: You are an awesome person with tremendous gifts and abilities, and you don’t need to compare yourself to anyone else.


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