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Word For Today by Bob Gass

Trust the Creator
‘He waters the mountains from his upper chambers; the land is satisfied.’
Psalm 104:13 NIV

We often take water for granted. It's so readily available - just turn the tap and it's there - that we tend to forget about it. We get so fed up with the rain ruining our plans that we sometimes need to remind ourselves what a blessing (and a privilege) it actually is. Psalm 104:13 talks about the land being satisfied by the water He sends. God created our world to have an abundance of water, so we'd never need to be thirsty. We'll always have enough to satisfy us. So far, the only place in the universe where water exists is on our planet. The one thing necessary for life, and it can only be found on earth. Think about that for a minute. It means we're unique. It means that we're so special, so important to God, that all His creative energy and power is focused on us. He isn't dividing His attention or trying to juggle several worlds at once. He's here just for us. With His infinite power, he could have created anything. But He didn't. He created us, along with an entire world just for us. That's how much God loves us. And just as there's enough water to keep us from being thirsty, there's enough of Him to satisfy our longing to be with Him. So we can be sure that whenever we cry out to God, He'll be there attending to our needs.
What Now?
Get a glass of water.  choose a prayer you know well (it can be the same one if you like). After saying each line, take a sip of water. Think about God quenching your spiritual thirst and meeting your needs as you’re praying.


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