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New Singles - Sam Lyrics - I Belong to you, Hand of God + Ebube - @iamYoungGson

Sam Lyrics is a sensational Gospel singer, he is call into ministry having faced alot of challenges in life with notwithstanding he is here with 3 singles which I believe will bless you.

About "I Belong to you" 
I Belong to you is a ministerial song that describes  the goodness of God and his kindness upon our life...He is always a miracle working Jehova that answer our prayers when we call on him..If you put all your trust in him,his love is constant.....

Hand of God is a motivational gospel song talking about God's presence in our lives. He is always with us in every area of our life every time. In our academics, business, family....every good thing that concern us is all by his hand.

Ebube is an awesome worship song filled with testimonies of God's love in our lives. We cannot explain or count His blessings in our life and there is nothing we can offer to him that compares to his love....All we can do is worship and praise his mighty name for his protection, provision and blessings upon our life.(EBUBE)


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