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MUSIC: Shemen Godwin - [Story Changer] | Mp3 + Lyrics | @shemengodwin

Shemen Godwin releases another single "Story Changer" just a few days after releasing his debut single "BIGGER".

The song STORY CHANGER came through the dept of Fellowship;  acknowledging the God who cannot be Completely defined and has all power to turn Situations and Destinies around...Every word in that song was inspired by the Holy ghost to Bless lives...



Story Changer 
You changed my story
My perfection
You Take the glory
You are Jesus 
That's what we call you
We can see you glorified.

You are Fire
Consuming Fire
Yet your love
Is so Amazing
You are so deep
Here we stand in Awe of you

You're the Lion
Still you are the Lamb
You are king 
And you're my Father
You're Amazing
We call you Awesome
Every praises Comes from our Heart.

You Reign...
You Reign...
You Reign...
You Reign..


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