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SHEKINAH GLORY - Daniel Ojo (@Talk2Danne) Prod. by The Psalmist Music(Canada) & HillsPlay Music (Nigeria/UK)

Daniel Ojo (The Psalmist Music) a Gospel Artist based in Ottawa, ON, Canada and his team is releasing another powerful and timely song titled - SHEKINAH GLORY. Written and composed by Daniel Ojo as inspired by God. Produced by The Psalmist Music(Canada) and HillsPlay Music (Nigeria/UK) 

This is the season of glory, the season of power, dry bones becoming as flesh, miracles all over, crooked was made straight and the glory of God rising over his people! This is a prophetic song and I pray it blesses everyone that listens!

The song is also available on all digital platforms: Apple Music, GooglePlay Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer etc.

Verse 1:
Lead: Let your glory fall on me
Let Your glory fall on me, Jesus /2ce
All: Repeat verse 1 /2ce

Verse 2:
Lead: Let your glory fall, Shekinah glory fall on me
Let Your glory fall on me /2ce
All: Repeat verse 2 /2ce

Leads: (Cos) I need you, Jesus, I need you /2ce
All: I need you, Jesus, I need you /6ce


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