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Audio + Video: Iba Olodumare - Anu Olanrewaju (PhD)

Anointed music minister and Spirit-filled worship Leader, Anu Olanrewaju (PhD) is out with a new song titled "Iba  Olodumare".

In her words about the song
" Iba  Olodumare is an indigenous song of praise and eulogy to the highest for who He is and the expression of his miraculous works in our lives. The Lord is strong and mighty, He is merciful and glorious in all His ways. Our strong tower, He indeed is and we will always worship him even in anticipation of much more blessings.

Anu Olanrewaju (PhD) is an anointed music minister, a spirit-filled worship leader right from childhood. She is also a lecturer and married with a Happy Family.

Watch The Video Below:

Facebook: Anu Olanrewaju
Instagram: Dr.anu_olanrewaju


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