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New Music: ONLY YOU by Brown Walter & The LHP Crew [@brownwalter3441]

ONLY YOU is a worship single rendered in Pidgin English, English, Efik, Igbo and Obolo. In this song, Brown Walter testifies of all the wonderful things God can do and Who He is to him. It's a song of trust, hope and total reliance on God's word through the tough and pleasant times when we look back or look forward into our lives, we are sure that only God can see us through.

He is the greatest, the highest, the strongest, the only one that can do the things we know and the ones we don't know.
ONLY YOU was produced by Soundz of Asher.

Brown Walter hails from Rivers state Nigeria. He studied Marine engineering and is married with a child. Brown is a member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, who got born again in the year 2000, that was when his dream of singing to God came through.
Brown Walter serves as the Music Director of De Latter House Praise (LHP) crew, he's dancer, singer, instrumentalist and songwriter.

He has shared the stage with the likes of Pastor Mrs Nkechi Williams, Buchi, Sensational Bamidele, Bukola Bekes, Empraiz Da Praise Bishop, Mercy Chinwo, Chioma Jesus, Samsong, Sammy Wonder, Preye Odede, Asu Ekiye, Freke Umoh, Wisdom K and lots more.

Oh oh oh oh
No one is like you Lord

Only you dey do those things I know
great and mighty God
only you dey do those things I know
ekwueme Eh
only you dey do those things I know atan-anam abassi
only you dey do those things I know your name is Jesus

You healed the blind made the lame to work the dump and deaf both speak and hear...
Even the dead you brought them back to life ekwueme ooo that's who you are to me
oh oh oh oh oh that's who you are to me
atan-anam abassi oh aboteyion abote-ison ooo onyen NE meremoma you do what no man can do ata Awaji ha that's who you are to me say Eh Eh

Rep: Chorus

Atan-anam abassi oh
You do what no man can do
Ekueme you do what no man can do
What you say you do
That is what you will do
You are the Convenant keeping God and that is who you are......
You are the greatest
You are the highest
You are the strongest
You are the greatest you are the beautiful one and that is who you are (rep)

Chorus end.

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