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Audio + Video: I WILL WAIT - Bukky November [@BukkyNovember]

As Christians, our faith gets put to the test everyday. Sometimes, faith grows into hope but what happens when it feels like God is not in the challenges we face? What happens when His promises seem to be taking so long? Will you wait?

Afro Jazz and Soul songstress, Bukky November returns to the music scene with an inspirational song that reminds us to have hope in God as we wait for Him to do what He has promised. Your miracle is on the way, wait and have faith.

Watch the video:

Bukky November (aka. Bukky Kukoyi) is a gospel music artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. Wondering why the name November? There is no mystery there. She was born in the month of November, the 28th precisely.

Bukky November has been a singer her entire life. Not to sound cheesy but she is the typical church girl - joined the choir at age 10, has always been in the choir, still is in the choir and isn't planning on leaving anytime soon. She creates music that will appeal to 'Core Christians' and the general public as a whole. After all, Jesus didn't come for the saved but the unsaved.
Bukky November is also a saxophonist gradually creating a niche for herself in the jazz genre.

On the 31st of October, 2019, she released her official debut single titled 'Don't Pass Me By'. We say official because before this, she did release music and these can also be referenced. She is back with her latest song - I WILL WAIT.

In the not-so-distant future, November hopes to become a household name inspiring people across the world to live their best lives , trust God freely and be who they truly were created to be.

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Other Contact Details – 09091684727


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