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MUSIC: Limit Breaker - Fola Eden

The fast-rising Gospel music Minister, worship leader and multi-Prenur Fola Eden has yet released a brand new single title LIMIT BREAKER.
In a season where headlines tend to elicit fear in the hearts of many, The Limit Breaker, from the stables of Minister Fola Eden, takes listeners on a journey to the realm of new creation realities. This is truly a song for such a time as this.
We're reminded of our identity in Christ and the authority we wield as citizens of The Kingdom, sons of the King and Ambassadors on the earth. Like The Father, we say it and we see it.
The Limit Breaker is indeed timely and loaded with faith-filled words set to upbeat music and joyful sounds. This is truly a vaccine against fear and worry." Fola Eden


I am a limit breaker/Rpt
I breakthrough on every side/ rpt
I access heights by God's Word in me
I walk by faith and not by sight/rpt

My Father is the breaker
Jesus is His name
In His name closed are opened
By His Word blind eyes shall see.

I take over territories
I break out from all restrictions
There is no stopping of me
I can run through a troop
And leap over a wall.

I am a limit breaker
I am a chosen people
A royal priesthood, a holy nation
God's own special possession

My Father is the breaker....

I climb up with wings like eagles
Yes I do the incredible
I have the faith that move mountains
I take possession of what is mine by faith

What eyes have not seen
By faith
What ears haven't heard
By faith
Unlimited flow's my new name
I believe, I receive
By faith.


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