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MUSIC: Imaramma by FaithPraise

FaithPraise, gospel minister and worshiper releases a new song titled "Imaramma".

In her own word about the song;

"Revelation 5:11-13 Imaramma means you are beautiful Lord. This song was inspired by the Holyspirit revealing how it will be in heaven singing and worshipping our father, declaring his beauty all over the earth and the heaven. it's a song of consecration and worship meant for global impact. Enjoy the experience."

Lyrics: Imaramma by FaithPraise
Chorus: 2x 
Imaramma 2x
Ndimmozi Nonenigwe Hanasi Imaramma,
Imaramma, Imaramma 2x
Uwanile Ne Too Gi Nna.  

Solo : 2x
Lord I Join The Host Of Heavens And We Shout Your Praise
 Lifting Up Our Holy Hands To You In One Accord,
You Are The Father Of Creation And The Universe
 We Worship Oh Lord. ......  2x                 

Back To Chorus.   2x

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Instagram, Twitter and Facebook: FaithPraise


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