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MUSIC: Ogo - Fola Eden Ft Mattade & Ijo-Bukky || @Folaeden

Fast-rising music minister and worship leader FOLA EDEN has yet collaborated with duo of Mattade and Ijo Bukky in this masterpiece of worship tittle OGO which is translated as GLORY, the song is promising to propel you worship God in another dimension
"Ogo (Glory) is the sound of Heaven with which God will manifest His greatness in your life afresh. This two in one song will make you worship and magnify the glory of God above any situation around you." FOLA EDEN

Than the noise of many waters
The the mighty wave of the seas
Ogo re kari gbogbo aye
Ofurufu fise owo re han
Ogo o re kari gbogbo aye
Ofurufu fise owo re han
Iwo loba
Ogo o re kari gbogbo aye
Awa toda fise owo re han
Oba oo
Oba oo oba leje
Oba oo
Oba oo eyin loluwa
Oruko Jesu, kikida Agbara ni 
Oruko Jesu, kikida Agbara ni
Oruko t'iku gbo, to sa wole
Oruko t'aarun gbo, to fere ge
Oruko Jesu, kikida Agbara ni.
Adefolawe Eden Ayansina popularly known as Fola Eden is a co-creator, an author, songwriter, recording artist and a mumpreneur. This fast-rising model to many is a graduate of Linguists. She started singing professionally in 2001 at Osogbo, Osun State and has since then been privileged to minister along with many artists locally and internationally and also have been tutored by many of them.
Ibi giga and Impossibility Specialist among many of her songs are great blessings to the Body of Christ.


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