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Music: RANTI (Remember) - Ebere [@simplyebere]

Ebere returns with a new single called ‘Ranti (Remember)’.

RANTI (Remember) tells the story the love of a mother over her son and how that love was cast away by the son. RANTI encourages listeners to retrace their steps when they derail, and become better children.

O yeah yeah yeah yeah, oh no

Verse 1
Omo iya Tade
I hear say
That you have derailed
So you got a wife
That you are devoted to
And that is why you wan dey do
Anything that you like

Hook 1
Remember the womb
Remember the breast
That you came from
That you suckled on
Remember the womb
Remember the breast
That you came from
That you suckled on

Ranti, Ibi to ti bere,
Ranti, Remember, Remember
Ranti, Ibi to ti bere
Ranti, Remember
Remember yeah yeah

Verse 2
Se o fé s'omo ale ni, oh
When you let your wife
Look down on your mama
(look down on your mama)
Have you forgotten
What your mama went through
Just to satisfy you
And give you a beautiful life
(Give you beautiful life)

Remember the days
Remember the times
That she prayed and
And she fasted and
Remember the days
Remember the times
That she gave everything for you to live

Ranti, Ibi to ti bere

Remember, Remember
Remember, Remember
(Ranti) Ohuohh na na
(Ibi to ti bere) yeah
(Ranti) Don't you remember
(Remember, Remember) Don't you remember, Hey
Remember the pain oh
Remember the shame hey
Remember the suffering
Remember the days
The days of the rain
There's no one to save
Momma prayed night and day
Her tears like the rain
For her passion to raise
A son to possess
A future so great
Don't you forget
The hands that fed yo oai
The mind that taught yo
The mouth that blessed yo
The back that carried yo
The eyes that watched you
The heart that loved yoooooooo
Ma se gbagbe
Ma se gbagbe
Ma se gbagbe
Iya rê
Iya réré
Iya rê o
Don’t you forget
No one like mama
Your hero mama
A super woman
Oh yeah yeah yeah
Oh no

About Ebere
The icon, Ebere, is a Nigerian-born singer/songwriter currently living in England, UK. Whilst she was in Nigeria, Ebere attended The Fountain of Life Church and the youth arm, Church 3:16 where she was an active member of the choir, conducting the people of God in expressive worship. She has written many songs, of which some are out and some are still cooking, and despite having a significant wait period after releasing her first two (2) singles about 6 years ago - “Your Love” and “Love of God”, Ebere returns with heart-touching soul music the teaches the lesson of love and repentance.

Facebook: @simplyeberemusic
Twitter/Instagram: @simplyebere


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