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New Music; "O Ti De Tan" By Becky Akinde

Becky Akinde has finally come out with a brand new single title O Ti De Tan, She  released her first debut in July 15th, 2019 titled GRATITUDE, and this time she is here to remind you of His second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ “O TI DE TAN” meaning He Is Almost Here
“O TI DE TAN is talking about the second coming of the Lord and hence the need for us to prepare, The second coming of Christ to the earth is one of the most momentous events that will ever happen. The end times bring with them a lot of misery and pain. It is the darkest point in the earth’s history, where evil, sorrow, and unrighteousness run rampant. Darkness rules the earth completely. But then Jesus will return to the earth with the armies of heaven to save it from the grip of the beast and the Antichrist! After so much darkness the light will finally shine forth! After being under Satan’s influence right from the days of Adam and Eve this is the momentous turning point that wrenches the earth out of the grasp of sin and puts it into Jesus’ hands."

Becky Akinde has been a dedicated child of God and choir member from childhood. She is a Minister of the gospel. She is a Surveyor by profession, and married to Pst (Surv) Akinde. She started song writing in the 1990s when she was a LADATS member ( Last Days Trumpet Singers ) in Oyo state. This continue as she is a member of choir and convention praise team of Victory Life Ministry, as well as TCV member ( The Chosen Vibes ) till date. 


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