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Music "JEHOVAH IDI NMA" by Misiano Joel

Misiano Joel, a songwriter with a unique vocal strength, released a new single titled JEHOVAH IDI NMA which means “God IS SO GOOD” is an indigenous praise and worship tune that expounds the omnipotence and faithfulness of our God.
Jehovah Idi Nma is an afro highlife produced by Jude Joel is set to get you dance and thanking God for His goodness in this pandemic.
Available on all digital streaming platforms.  

Artist Biography:
Born in Lagos, Nigeria. Misiano Joel is a songwriter, Fashion Designer and a graduate of Political Science, from Enugu State University of Science and Technology ( ESUT),
A revivalist and evangelist called to win souls for Christ, through crusades and outreaches, in rural and urban areas, She is the CEO of the iconic fashion label, House of Misiano, where she uses fashion as a platform of influence for the Kingdom of God also runs a fashion academy which has produced many graduates, married to her producer, Jude Joel.

connect with Misiano Joel:
 Instagram : @misianojoel
Twitter : @missyjoel
Facebook : Misiano Joel

Chorus :

Jehovah Idi nma, aga m enye Gi ekene,
(Jehovah You are good, I give You the praise)
Nara ekene Gi, aga m enye Gi otito
(Receive Your praise, I give You the glory )
Jehovah Idi m nma, Onye n'eme nma
(Jehovah You are good to me, the One who does good)
Nara ekene Gi. (Receive Your praise)
Bia nu k'anyi jawa Chineke nma.
( Come let us praise the Lord)

(Repeat Chorus)

Vers 1.
Odo nmiri Bethsaida le (The healing pool of Bethsaida)
Anyanwu ututu mo (My Bright and Morning Star)
Mmalite n'ogwugwu me (My Provider in times of lack)
Nara ekene Gi o...(Receve Your praise)
Onwere onye yiri Gi (There's nobody like You)
Onwere onye dika Gi (Nobody can be like You)
So so Gi Chim k'am ga n"efe (Only You will I ever worship)
Nara ekene m oma (Receive my best praise)
(Sing Chorus)
Vers 2.
Aka n'agworia le (The Hand that healeth all diseases)
Nzu n'akpu nwa e. (The Clay that
creates or moulds babies)
K'ambulie Aha Gi elu (I lift Your name on high)
Aha Gi di ebube ( Your name is glorious)
Agam aja Gi nma si n'ebi ebi (I will praise from
everlasting to everlasting)
Agam Aja Gi nma ru mgbe ebi ebi o (I will praise You till
the ends of time)
Idi agba onwe ewo ! (You never change)
Nara ekene m oma (Receive my best praise)

( Sing Chorus)
Refrain :
Bia nu k'anyi jawa Chineke nma e (repeat) (Come, let us
praise the Lord)
Onye kere Igwe, kere uwa bia nu jawa Ya ma (Maker of
Heaven & Earth, come lets praise Him )
Odumegbo Judah anyi n'aja Gi nma e e (Lion of the tribe
of Judah, we give You all the praise)
Jawa Ya nma, Jawa Ya nma, Jawa Ya nma, jawa Ya nma
(Praise Him..) 4x

Hew ! Bia nu k'anyi jawa Chineke nma (Come let us praise the Lord)
Ewo ! Aka n'agworia, n'eme nma (The Hand that healeth and
does good )
Aka Jehovah le (the Hand of Jehovah)
Onyeoma me...(The Good One)
Onyeukwu me...(The Mighty One )
Madu nine jawa Jehovah e e e e
(Everybody praise Jehovah ! )
******* Saxophone plays **********
Bia nu k'anyi Jawa Chineke ma
(Come let us praise the Lord)
You are bigger than the biggest
Stronger than the strongest ewo o
Mighty God, Awesome God
Bia nu k'anyi jawa Chineke nma..

(Come let us praise the Lord) 


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