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Audio: Living Miracle - Saint Mimi ||@Saint_mimi


3MW gospel artist ‘Saint Mimi’ releases her first song for the year 2022.

Yes, put on your dancing shoes, as we listen to this mind-blowing single titled “LIVING MIRACLE”.

So far, this happens to be her 3rd single, after her official signing to 3 MUSIC WORLD Record Label.

"LIVING MIRACLE", composed by the singer & writer 'Saint Mimi', who has experienced a supernatural miracle and is telling the whole world about it as living proof.

The writer is someone who beat the odds and survived even in the midst of trials. The song explains that Jesus is still in the miracle-working business.


Produced by Greaty Greaty for 3 MUSIC WORLD

Powered by 3 MUSIC WORLD

"May the peace of God that passes all understanding dwell with you. The blessings of God, Goodness, and Mercy shall go with you as we embark this year together. Amen."

Minister Saint Mimi.


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