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Audio + Video: Broken Vessels - Glory Chuku-Umunna ||@glory_by_grace


Glory Chuku-Umunna the Canada-based gospel music artist debuts with her much anticipated single titled BROKEN VESSELS.


Almost everyone has been through an experience that took something away from them, left them wounded, scarred, feeling inadequate, not good enough, or incomplete… left them broken. These may have been the doings of other people or brought upon us by our own mistakes or poor judgments. Whatever the case, we tend to shrink into our shells, for fear of being criticized and judged by God and man. But like the Kintsugi Japanese pottery, which highlights the cracks and chips of damaged vessels with gold to create an even stronger, more beautiful piece of art, our Father God creates something more unique, beautiful, and resilient through our brokenness.

Broken Vessels is a message of hope, reminding us that it is in our most vulnerable places that the love, restoration, and power of Christ is abundantly available and through it, we become a beacon of light and hope to others. The Father’s Arms are wide open seeking you. God is saying, “come to Me with that brokenness and hurt and I will restore you and make that crack a channel of my glory.”


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