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Audio + Video: I Am God - Veronique ||@deliceveronique


Writer, Songwriter, and Performer, Veronique presents "I Am God" a Gospel-inspired song. With her soothing voice and her transcending presence, she has her songs bathe her with inspiring personal and spiritual lyrical storytelling. 

"I Am God" is a title that speaks of depression and suicide, still, to this day, taboo subjects in our society. The singer felt guided to share a message of hope for the entire world through this song. Veroniquea believes God can help you overcome obstacles.


the From experience, she has found grace when nothing else seemed to work. I Am God is the answer to a prayer, to a longtime standing distress call, a constant battle against solitude, for those who have seen what we describe as rock bottom, the void of light. So, she wrote the hymn in the hopes to shine a light at the end of the tunnel to those who need it the most.

I Am God in your situations, in every battle. I am God through the fire, through the waters, through the valley of shadow of death, I am Your God.

Veronique found solace in God through scriptures and prayers. Her healing began when she regained hope to live again, to trust herself, to be brave, resilient, and determined to see things through.

Music was written by Samuel Adeboye, and mixed by The Real Promarck as well as mastered by Jake Hyndman-Whittier. "I Am God" is produced by FrameYours.


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