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Album: Faith Over Fear - Leon Remnant ||@Leon_remnant


Leon Remnant has finally released the eagerly anticipated album titled "Faith Over Fear" (F.O.F).

In his words: "Faith Over Fear" is a project God put in my heart for some years now. I’m very transparent in this project by expressing my artistic creativity throughout the whole project.

"We live in a chaotic world filled with violence, health crisis, anxiety, and other socio-economic issues. But this album is aimed at building our hope and faith to trust in God. This album also expresses the story of my life from how I used to struggle before I met Jesus Christ and how my life changed since the day I surrendered my life to God and asked Him to use me for his glory.

"I urge everyone to give the album a listening ear because it's a project I made for everyone. It's the F.O.F Season!"



Twitter: @YaRemnant
Instagram: @Leon_Remnant
Facebook: Leon Remnant
YouTube: Leon Remnant


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