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Audio + Video: Ore-Ofe Ni - Kenny Olubanjo ||@KennyOlubanjo


Gospel music minister, Kenny Olubanjo, releases a new single titled ORE-OFE NI.


Here's what she has to say about the song,

"If you know how to think, you will surely appreciate the grace of God in your life. When I think of how I arrived where I am, I can say it is only Grace. When I look at my achievement, it can only be grace. When I consider the favors I have received, it can only be grace. When I think of my victories, they can only be attributed to grace
It is the grace of God indeed. As I rejoice every day, I see Grace. Ore-ofe is the Yoruba word for GRACE. Ore-ofe can take man beyond himself. It is the grace of God that crowns my life with all blessings and I live by GRACE."


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