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Audio: Eni Giga - Kemsyl Music


The Throne of the Most High God (Ibujoko Eni Giga Julo)
The Most High God who sits upon His Everlasting Throne seen by prophets of old (Micaiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel and John) is the one we describe and worship with this song that flowed from his throne to us. We have too many distractions in this world that prevent us from continually accessing the throne of the Most High God in worship, though we were made for worship. Team Kemsyl Music have put this piece together to draw the heart of men to God in worship (Ezekiel 1&10; Revelations 4).


Together with other ministers of God, Kemi is committed and dedicated to ensuring that the kingdom of God is established first in the heart of men and then to our territories where we reign as kings and priests. Her vision is to see that God’s kingdom be expanded on earth before the second coming of His Son Jesus Christ through building women who are portals, Youths who have strength for the mission and bringing down the presence of God through songs He inspires.


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