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Audio: Respond - Gbemiga ||@Gbemigafab


Fast-rising Nigerian-based gospel recording artist and prolific songwriter; Gbemiga releases his long awaiting single titled "RESPOND"


"Respond" is a song tailored to both those of the faith and those not of it. It is a message that reminds the believer of the sacrifice of Jesus, the Christ and presents to those not of the faith, Jesus, the Saviour who demonstrates his ever-giving and selfless love.
Its lyrics bring joy and rumination to the believer as they meditate on what Jesus has done for them and remorse and peace to those not of the faith as they embrace this newfound freedom in Christ.

Written as an evangelistic tool, the lyrics are scripturally inspired, referencing (Colossians 2:14, Mark 15:15, and John 5:30) and capturing the death and sacrifice of Jesus. Each word and verse is anointed to reel in the lost and give them a greater and better pursuit in Christ.

Respond is a song of service and humility, of condescending in order to rise to a place of authority and power (Philippians 2:6).

I pray we all, saved,  and unsaved, respond accordingly.


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